There are many ways to approach the design for website. Will explain some of the obvious ideas and concepts so you have a better understanding of what your design team will be asking and what I need to know.

First let’s start with your logo or any predefined colors that you use in your business. Many corporations have a style guide that define what fonts, what colors and how to use their logo appropriately. We don’t need to get that technical at this point but it’s good to understand that having a consistent brand across your website, social media, email marketing and other forms of marketing be consistent to maximize your investment.

One technique I use is I ask clients if your website or an automobile, what car would it be and tell me why. One of our clients mentioned the Way to represent her brand would be synonymous with Bentleys, they’re classy they’re elegant they’re solid. So when when we went to find the right colors we just went to the Bentley website and sampled various colors of the Bentley car collection we found a series of rich deep browns, metallics and just elegant colors. When we showed the colors to the client she screamed oh my God you nailed it that’s exactly what I want.